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The Web development community is full of craftsmen who care about the products they produce and the process by which they are created. The Ajax Experience is the place to learn from these experts and go in-depth on the latest/best techniques, find out what's working (or not) around the community, and help drive these technologies forward. 

Speakers at TAE include framework founders, development leaders, best-selling authors and independent Ajax experts. Browse all speaker bios or choose a speaker from the list below.

Speaker Lineup:

Speaker Bios:

Dion Almaer, Co-founder, Ajaxian.com; Director of Developer Tools, Mozilla
Co-Presenting a Keynote: The Future of Ajax: The Browser Reinvented with Ben Galbraith

Dion Almaer is the co-founder of Ajaxian.com, the leading source of the Ajax community. Dion co-leads a new group at Mozilla focusing on developer tools for the Web, which is something he has been passionate about doing for years. He is excited for the opportunity, and gets to work with Ben Galbraith, his partner in crime on Ajaxian, now also working at Mozilla. Dion has been writing Web applications since Gopher, and has been fortunate enough to speak around the world, has published many articles, a book, and of course covers life the universe and everything on his blog at almaer.com/blog.

Rik Arends, Co-founder, Javeline
Presenting: Real-time 3D Ajax Charts Across All Browsers

Rik Arends is co-founder of Javeline, the organization behind Ajax.org and pushing the limits for online application development. As a C++ developer with over 15 years of experience in 3D, computer vision and video, Rik has developed software engines behind browser based video mixing, large stage projections and multitouch tabletop computing used by Coca Cola, Nokia and Tiesto. Well versed in declarative techniques as well as having a strong focus on performance and pushing the boundaries, Rik has a unique perspective on the web environment from both JavaScript and C++ angles.

Eric Beland, Co-founder, Testomatix
Presenting: Ajax Load Testing Considerations

Eric Beland has been load testing since 2000. He has consulted, load tested and trained end-users on testing tools at businesses across the country, ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies. Eric is co-founder of Testomatix, a performance testing consultancy.

Chris Bowen, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft
Presenting: Using the Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools

Chris Bowen is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft, covering the Northeastern US. An architect and developer with over 16 years of experience, he joined Microsoft after holding senior positions at companies including Monster.com, VistaPrint, Staples, and IDX Systems, as well as consulting with others. He is co-author of Essential Windows Communication Foundation and Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Buddy Brewer, Director, Agent Technology, Gomez Inc.
Co-Presenting: Web Compatibility and Performance Testing in a Multi-Browser World with Imad Mouline

Buddy Brewer builds products that measure and diagnose bottlenecks in web site performance. At Gomez, Buddy built the first versions of the company's browser agent testing technology and currently oversees the development of the Gomez Web application experience management platform. He also works closely with customers spanning many industries and countries to understand and solve emerging performance challenges.

Ross Boucher, Co-founder, 280 North
Presenting a Keynote: The Future of Development Tools
Presenting: Cappuccino Web Framework and Building a Web Application with Atlas, Start to Finish

Ross Boucher is co-founder of 280 North, the organization behind 280 slides and the popular Cappuccino and Atlas frameworks. At 280 North, he splits his time between server and client-side code, including the text system in 280 Slides. He has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from USC. After graduating, he worked as an engineer at Apple on the iTunes Store. His team was responsible for music recommendations, charting, and search. Ross is currently working with his colleagues to create tools that will help everyone build rich applications.

Allen Wirfs-Brock, ECMAScript Language Architect, Microsoft
Presenting: Panel: ES5: ECMAScript Standards for a Better Web with Brendan Eich, Douglas Crockford and Mark Miller

Allen Wirfs-Brock represents Microsoft on ECMA TC-39, the “ECMAScript Standards Committee” and is co-project editor for the current revision of the ECMAScript specification. Allen has spent much of the last thirty years working to make dynamic object-oriented programming languages practical for large-scale application development, and has an extensive background in both the technical and business aspects of programming languages and development tools. Prior to joining Microsoft, he founded two companies both named Instantiations, co-founded the ACM OOPSLA conference, and lived through the rise and fall of Smalltalk as an enterprise development language as VP of Technology and Chief Scientist respectively of the two most successful Smalltalk companies.

Paul Burnett, Senior Worldwide Evangelist, Creative Solutions, Adobe Systems
Presenting a Keynote: The 80/20 Rule
Presenting: Building Standards based and Accessible Ajax Sites with Dreamweaver CS4

Paul Burnett is Senior Worldwide Evangelist for the Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe, specializing in Flash and the web. In this role, Paul travels throughout the world, speaking at industry conferences, presenting at trade shows and seminars, talking with customers, and leading specialized, advanced training sessions featuring Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Before joining Adobe, Paul worked in the web, multimedia and video industries for more than 18 years running his own company, MAD (Multimedia Art Design), and winning many awards including five Macromedia/Adobe Site of the Day awards.

Colin Clark, Technical Lead, Fluid Project; Contributor, jQuery UI
Presenting: Building Accessible User Interfaces with jQuery and Fluid Infusion

Colin Clark is the technical lead for the Fluid Project and a contributor to the jQuery UI accessibility effort. Colin has worked in the field of inclusive software design at the University of Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Centre for over ten years. He is also a contributor to the uPortal, CollectionSpace, and Sakai communities. Colin is currently building open source mobile software for visitor engagement at art galleries and museums.

Gonzalo Cordero, Front-End Engineer, Yahoo! Flex Force Team
Co-Presenting: Object Oriented CSS: for Scalable, Fast, and Beautiful Web Applications with Nicole Sullivan

Gonzalo Cordero is a Front-End Engineer on the Yahoo! Flex Force team. He is also a YUI contributor. Gonzalo is currently working on the next generation of Yahoo! homepage. A former Juku graduate, where he recently became an instructor as well.

Douglas Crockford, Creator, JSON; Author, JavaScript: The Good Parts
Presenting a Keynote: The JSON Saga
Presenting: JavaScript: The Good Parts, Panel: Secure Mashups: Getting to Safe Web Plug-ins and Panel: ES5: ECMAScript Standards for a Better Web with Brendan Eich, Mark Miller and Allen Wirfs-Brock

Douglas Crockford is the world's foremost living authority on JavaScript and the author of JavaScript: The Good Parts. He has developed office automation systems. Spent time researching games and music at Atari. Served as the Director of Technology at Lucasfilm and the Director of New Media at Paramount. He was the founder and CEO of Electric Communities/Communities.com. He was founder and CTO of State Software, where he discovered JSON, the data interchange standard. Douglas is now developing a secure programming language and works as an architect at Yahoo!.

Mike de Boer, Community Lead, Javeline
Presenting a Lightning Round: Introducing Ajax.org Platform 3.0

Mike de Boer works as a Community Lead for Javeline BV where he ramps up their open source efforts. He started developing websites at the age of 16 when he started doing serious PHP development for multinationals and created zOOm Media Gallery, a nice gallery component for a CMS, now called Joomla. Mike also worked for eBuddy in Amsterdam where he created their Ajax chat client and its underlying JavaScript framework for Rich Internet Applications.

Jenny Han Donnelly, Senior Engineer, YUI
Presenting: Bringing Data to Life in the Browser with the YUI Library

Jenny Han Donnelly is a Senior Engineer on the YUI team at Yahoo!. As the author of YUI’s DataSource, DataTable, and AutoComplete components, she focuses on making her products usable for end-users and developers alike. Additionally, Jenny enjoys teaching the YUI curriculum to Yahoo! engineers all over the world, editing the YUI Blog, and helping organize internal engineering events like Hack Day and the annual Summit.

Brendan Eich, Creator, JavaScript; CTO, Mozilla Corporation
Presenting a Keynote: ECMAScript Harmony and the Future of JavaScript and Panel: ES5: ECMAScript Standards for a Better Web with Douglas Crockford, Mark Miller and Allen Wirfs-Brock

Brendan Eich is the father of JavaScript and now CTO of the Mozilla Foundation. Brendan started work at Netscape Communications Corporation in April 1995, working on JavaScript (originally called Mocha, then called LiveScript) for the Netscape Navigator Web browser. He then helped found mozilla.org in early 1998, serving as chief architect. When AOL shut down the Netscape browser unit in July 2003, Brendan helped spin out the Mozilla Foundation and became CTO in 2005.

Ben Galbraith, Co-founder, Ajaxian.com; Director of Developer Tools, Mozilla
Co-Presenting a Keynote: The Future of Ajax: The Browser Reinvented with Dion Almaer

Ben Galbraith is the co-founder of Ajaxian.com and co-director of Developer Tools at Mozilla. Ben has long juggled interests in both business and tech, having written his first computer program at six years old, started his first business at ten, and entered the IT workforce at twelve. Ben has delivered hundreds of technical presentations world-wide, produced several technical conferences, and co-authored over a half-dozen books.

Clint Hall, Creator, Web Bootstrapper
Presenting a Lightning Round: Web Bootstrapping for Portability and Performance

Clint Hall, Software Architect, Healthe Navigator, joined Cerner Corporation in October 2003. Clint specializes in web technology, particularly semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Considered a “prototyping architect,” he is credited with creating some of Cerner’s more cutting-edge proof-of-concepts for the web. He also serves as a progressive enhancement and accessibility evangelist, educating others in web best practices. Clint created Cerner’s Web Bootstrapper, a resource delivery system that allows web solutions to adapt dynamically to the capabilities of any web client.  

Christian Heilmann, International Developer Evangelist, Yahoo!
Presenting: Web Services and JavaScript – Using and Offering Data on the Web for All of Us

Christian Heilmann is a geek and hacker by heart. He’s been a professional web developer for about eleven years and now works for Yahoo! where he delivered Yahoo! Maps Europe and Yahoo! Answers. He has written two and contributed to three books on JavaScript, web development and accessibility, led distributed teams as a manager, and released dozens of online articles and hundreds of blog posts in the last few years. Christian was nominated Standards Champion of the Year 2008 by .net magazine in the UK, and currently sports the fashionable job title “International Developer Evangelist."

Kevin Hoyt, Platform Evangelist, Adobe Systems
Presenting: Integrating Hardware and the Web

Kevin Hoyt is a platform evangelist with Adobe Systems, Inc. Passionate about engaging user experiences as he is, you'll most often find him meeting with customers, speaking at conferences, presenting online seminars, or just enjoying the chance to share ideas and brainstorm with other developers. When not on the road, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, photography, and general aviation.

Ted Husted, Author, JUnit in Action, Struts in Action and more
Presenting: API Doc Smackdown: YUI Doc versus JS Doc Toolkit, Testing the Testers: YUI Unit vesus QUnit and How to Simplify and Automate Testing Ajax Applications

Ted Husted is a business analyst, author, consultant, and speaker. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, an emeritus member of the Apache Struts project, and co-founder of the Apache (Jakarta) Commons. His books include JUnit in Action, Struts in Action, and Professional JSP Site Design. Ted has consulted with teams throughout the United States, including CitiGroup, Nationwide Insurance, and Pepsi Bottling Group. Ted now works with NimbleUser, a systems integrator specializing in non-profits and associations.

Sergey Ilinsky, Tech Lead, Clientside OY
Presenting: Ample SDK: Standards-based GUI Framework for Client-side Applications

Sergey Ilinsky is Senior Developer at Nedstat BV and Tech Lead at Clientside OY. He is an expert in many standard client-side technologies such as DOM, XBL2, XML (including its applications) and JavaScript, as well as in proprietary ones such as HTC, XBL or XUL. Sergey implemented the first cross-browser prototype of XBL2 in JavaScript, he is also known as "Re-inventor of XMLHttpRequest" after his "Cross-browser implementation with sniffing capabilities."

Scott Isaacs, Author, DHTML specification; Web Sandbox project
Presenting: Beyond IFrames: Web Sandboxes

During the mid to late 90’s Scott Isaacs authored the original DHTML specification and represented Microsoft in the W3C helping define and drive many Internet standards. Over the last 10 years, Scott wrote the framework behind Hotmail, Live.com and MSN Spaces. He was an Architect on Microsoft Windows Live responsible for the web-client architecture and frameworks used across MSN/ Windows Live properties and Windows Live DHTML Gadgets. Scott is now with the Browser Programmability and Tools team at Microsoft and is currently working towards creating a more secure web via the Web Sandbox project.

Fabian Jakobs, Framework Architect, qooxdoo
Presenting: Mastering Large-scale JavaScript Applications with qooxdoo

Fabian Jakobs is framework architect of the JavaScript widget framework qooxdoo. He has spent the last three years working on all major parts of the framework including the new widget, layout and event sub systems. He further supports in house application developers to build fast state of the art qooxdoo applications.

Changhao Jiang, Research Scientist, Facebook
Co-Presenting: Adaptive Static Resource Optimization in the Ajax World and Improving Facebook's Performance with Ajax and Browser Caching with Xiaoliang "David" Wei

Changhao Jiang is a research scientist at Facebook, where he is responsible for some of the major front-end performance optimization efforts. Prior to joining Facebook, Changhao worked at Google on performance monitoring and analysis tools. His research interests include computer architecture, compiler, distributed system, performance monitoring, analysis and tuning.

Michael Lee, Creator, Ajile
Presenting a Lightning Round: Cross-domain, Client-side JSON Exchange

Michael Lee is the creator of the Ajile open-source project for dynamic script loading and namespace management. He is an avid JavaScript developer actively exploring new ways to extend JavaScript's capabilities and increase its adoption as the Web's development language of choice.

Brian LeRoux, Co-creator, XUI; Contributor, PhoneGap project
Designing for the Mobile Web with JavaScript

Co-creator of XUI and contributor to the open source PhoneGap project, Brian LeRoux believes that the future of the Internet is mobile and will rely on web standards, open source and developers like you. Brian is a software developer at Nitobi Software.

Patrick Lightbody, Founder, OpenQA, Selenium Remote Control, Struts 2 and more
Presenting: Design Tips for Dynamic UIs Under Heavy Load

Patrick Lightbody is an avid open source contributor, having founded OpenQA, created Selenium Remote Control, and co-created Struts 2. Prior to founding BrowserMob, Patrick was the senior Product Manager at Gomez, where he ran the QA Solutions product group. Before that, he founded HostedQA, an automated web-testing platform acquired by Gomez in 2007. Patrick has held management and software engineering positions with Jive Software, Spoke Software, and Cisco Systems.

Joe McCann, Senior Technologist, frog design
Presenting: ARIA – Pushing Accessibility Even Further and How to Get Your Boss to Join In

Joe McCann is a Senior Technologist at frog design and the owner of subPrint Interactive. With work experience ranging from the music industry to Wall Street to the web, Joe’s passion lies in creating web applications and sites that utilize innovative technologies to push the experience well beyond the edge. His current web interests include: XMPP/BOSH, REST, Phonegap, Appcelerator’s Titanium, jQuery and HTML 5. As the project team leader on a massive Texas state government web application, Joe was a pioneer in leading a team to integrate ARIA-related functionalities to enhance the experience for users with disabilities.

Mark Miller, Research Scientist, Google's Caja Project
Presenting: Panel: ES5: ECMAScript Standards for a Better Web with Brendan Eich, Douglas Crockford and Allen Wirfs-Brock

Mark Miller is a research scientist at Google working on Caja, an object-capability secure subset of JavaScript, and helping shape the future of JavaScript as one of Google representatives to the EcmaScript committee. He is also an architect of the (pre web) Xanadu hypertext project; inventor of Miller Columns; co-creator of theAgoric Paradigm of market-based secure distributed computing; and the open-source coordinator of the E programming language.

Imad Mouline, Chief Technology Officer, Gomez, Inc.
Co-Presenting: Web Compatibility and Performance Testing in a Multi-Browser World with Ryan Breen

Imad Mouline is a veteran of software architecture and R&D and a recognized expert in Web/mobile application testing and performance management, rich internet applications, and cloud/load testing. As CTO of Gomez, Inc, Imad works with customers, analysts, industry groups and internal resources to evolve the breadth and depth of the Gomez Web application experience management platform.

Jason O'Keefe, Senior Mobile Product Advocate, Genuitec
Presenting: Web. Smartphone. Future. Now.

Jason O’Keefe is a Senior Mobile Product Advocate for Genuitec and has been deeply involved in promoting application development tooling for the past 5 years. He currently evangelizes mobile Web development technology and is uniquely positioned from both a personal and professional standpoint to discuss the future of the mobile Web and its impact on the future of the App Store concept.

Adam Peller, Contributor, OpenAjax Alliance
Presenting: Interoperable Ajax Tools and Mashups

Adam Peller is a Senior Engineer within IBM's Emerging Technologies Group. He is a Dojo committer, leads the dojox part of the Dojo Foundation, and has played a major role in Dojo's internationalization efforts. Adam has been a key contributor to OpenAjax Alliance activities and wrote much of the open source implementation of OpenAjax Widgets. Recently, Adam has been working on projects related to Web-based tools and Mozilla Bespin.

Bill Scott, Director of User Interface Engineering, Netflix
Presenting: Designing for Interesting Moments

Bill Scott created one of the first successful Macintosh games (GATO, 1985), built wargaming interfaces for NATO, found and lead UX Design teams (Sabre), wrote Ajax frameworks (OpenRico) managed user interface engineering organizations (Netflix), published design pattern libraries (Yahoo!), talked a lot about it (Ajax Evangelist) and even recently wrote a book about Designing Web Interfaces.

Steve Souders, Author, High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites; Creator, YSlow
Presenting: Even Faster Web Sites

Steve Souders works at Google on web performance and open source initiatives, and previously served as Chief Performance Yahoo!. Steve is the author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites. He created YSlow, the performance analysis plug-in for Firefox. He serves as co-chair of Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O'Reilly, and is co-founder of the Firebug Working Group. Steve recently taught CS193H: High Performance Web Sites at Stanford University.

Stoyan Stefanov, Author, Object-Oriented JavaScript; Creator, Smush.it
Presenting: JavaScript Patterns

Stoyan Stefanov is a Yahoo! engineer doing research, writing articles, and building tools such as YSlow for improving the performance of Web pages. He also contributes to several open source projects, and is the author of numerous online articles and books, most recently the author of Object-Oriented JavaScript published by Packt and contributor to Even Faster Web Sites by O'Reilly. He blogs at www.phpied.com.

Nicole Sullivan, Founder, Object-Oriented CSS, Co-creator, Smush it
Co-Presenting: Object Oriented CSS: for Scalable, Fast, and Beautiful Web Applications with Gonzalo Cordero
Presenting a Lightning Round: CSS Doesn't Suck; You're Just Doing it Wrong

Nicole Sullivan is passionate about CSS, web standards, and scalable front-end architecture for sites with large numbers of pages and visitors. She founded the Object-Oriented CSS open source project and consulted with the W3C for their beta redesign. She also co-created Smush it, an image optimization service in the cloud, and co-authored Optimizing Images for Even Faster Websites.

Previously, Nicole researched and improved the performance of Yahoo! sites worldwide as a part of their YSlow team. She draws on her experience working on large commercial sites, including Yahoo!, SFR, FNAC, Club Med, Accor, Renault, SNCF, and La Poste.

Andrew Sutherland, Founder, Quizlet.com
Presenting: Building Voice Recognition & Audio Recording Into Web Applications with WAMI

Andrew Sutherland is a 19-year-old sophomore at MIT and founder of Quizlet.com. In collaboration with the Spoken Language Systems at MIT’s CSAIL laboratory, he has helped develop the WAMI toolkit into a general-use Javascript API and developed innovative learning tools on Quizlet that implement the API.  Andrew founded Quizlet in 2005 as a high school sophomore to help himself learn vocabulary for a particularly difficult French class. Since then, Quizlet has grown into the #1 flashcards site on the web, with over 25 million flashcards uploaded and close to 500k registered users.

Jon Trelfa, Senior Technical Consultant, Adayana
Presenting: From Desktop to Web - Getting it Right

Jon Trelfa started writing websites in 1996 while in the U.S. Navy stationed aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and has been fighting with the DOM ever since. He has authored numerous portals, RIAs, and web sites since then for metro Detroit-based companies such Chrysler, Ford, Kelly Services, and many others. Current projects have him hopping between .NET, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, jQuery, and Prototype. He has been the chief developer of the web-based Media Flight Plan application since 2005. Jon is currently a Senior Technical Consultant with Adayana developing learning applications based on the SumTotal learning management system.

Laurens van den Oever, CEO, Zopus
Presenting: The Challenges and Rewards of Writing a 100K line JavaScript Application

Laurens van den Oever is the CEO of Xopus BV and lead architect of the Xopus Editor. Laurens has spent the last 7 years improving the performance and quality of both the Xopus product and the company supporting it. He leads the development team on their quest to squeeze that last bit of performance from today’s browsers. He tries to interlace his management work with as much JavaScript development as possible.

Joe Walker, Creator, DWR; Director of Support & Development, SitePen
Presenting: Advanced Web Application Security

As Director of Support & Development for SitePen, Joe Walker provides leadership, technical expertise, guidance and training to clients and interested developers across the United States and Europe. Joe is a renowned developer working on advanced Web development techniques in JavaScript & Ajax technologies. He is the creator of Direct Web Remoting (DWR), which has become the most popular Ajax toolkit for Java by making browser/server interaction intuitive for Web developers.

Rich Waters, Senior Software Architect, ExtJS
Presenting: Building Rich Web Applications with ExtJS 3.0

Rich Waters is a senior software architect at ExtJS. He brings over 10 years of extensive experience building web sites and applications, on a wide range of back-end systems from Ruby on Rails to Lotus Notes/Domino. Rich spends much of his time providing Ext services such as onsite training and development assistance.

Xiaoliang "David" Wei, Research Scientist, Facebook
Co-Presenting: Adaptive Static Resource Optimization in the Ajax World and Improving Facebook's Performance with Ajax and Browser Caching with Changhao Jiang

Xiaoliang "David" Wei is a research scientist at Facebook, where he has been working on front-end performance since 2008. His main interests include user latency measurement, end user latency optimization, and best practice for maintaining long-term web performance.

Robert Wenig, Founder, Tealeaf Technology
Presenting a Lightning Round: Debugging Ajax Applications in Production

Robert Wenig founded Tealeaf Technology with a vision of revolutionizing insight into the interplay between Web applications and end users. He is responsible for driving the technology vision of the company. Robert first conceived the vision for Tealeaf within SAP Labs, where he served as Director of Advanced Technology, reporting directly to SAP Chairman, Hasso Plattner. Realizing that the value could reach far beyond the SAP market, Robert initiated and achieved the first-ever SAP spin-off. While developing Tealeaf's core technology, Robert won two Smithsonian Awards for Innovation.

Marcus Westin, Developer, Meebo
Presenting a Lightning Round: *Truly* Unobtrusive JavaScript Inclusion
Marcus Westin breathes the web and prefers to write his Javascript in the raw, sans-library. He has spent his past year working on Meebo.com as well as Meebo's white-label Meebo for Sites product.

Chris Williams, President, Iterative Designs
Presenting a Lightning Round: Dissident: The Disruptive Next Generation Web

President of Iterative Designs, VP at OurParents, and Curator of JSConf 2009, Chris Williams has been deeply involved in web development and web culture for a long time. He has worked in the full spectrum of software, including security, development, and community building. He is currently developing a living book at http://www.nakedjavascript.com that presents JavaScript as a full fledged language outside of the browser.

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