Standards and Cross-Browser Issues

Conference sessions are being finalized but here’s an advanced look at what this track and related sessions will address:

An Ajax application is prone to Web browser dependencies, and user tend to be headstrong about using the browser they currently favor than the browser that will best run the particular application they happen to be using (you know the user who is a IE diehard or a Firefox fan). That leads developers to try to write Ajax applications that will run on any browser, or at least any major current browser. Browser compatibility issues can be a nightmare, especially as new browsers (for example, Google Chrome) and browser versions (for example, IE8) keep coming out.


Breakout Sessions:

Panel: ES5: ECMAScript Standards for a Better Web

Led by Allen Wirfs-Brock, ECMAScript Language Architect, Microsoft
Panelists: Brendan Eich, Creator, JavaScript; CTO, Mozilla; Douglas Crockford, Author, JavaScript: The Good Parts; Creator, JSON; and Mark Miller, Research Scientist, Google's Caja Project

Multiple browsers are implementing the ECMAScript 5th Edition language enhancements in their JavaScript engines and these features need verification from Ajax developers for their usability and efficacy if they're to become a part of the ES5 standard.

This panel consisting of the ECMAScript Standards Committee discussess what you need to know about the ES5 standard, including top JavaScript language enhancements, how the standards are being created, implemented and tested, and the progress thus far. Find out more about the security and reliability of Strict Mode and how to design and modify web applications, keeping in mind the new JavaScript language features.

Attend this panel to learn:

  • What you need to know about the ES5 standard;
  • Top language enhancements in ES5;
  • How are these standards being created, implemented and tested;
  • Security and Reliability in Strict Mode;
  • How to design and modify Web applications, keeping in mind the upcoming JavaScript language features.

Web Compatibility and Performance Testing in a Multi-Browser World

Imad Mouline, CTO, Gomez Inc. and Buddy Brewer, Director, Agent Technology, Gomez Inc.

The browser wars bring fresh challenges for web designers and developers. At the application level, different browsers may load source code, images, third-party objects in different orders, leading to inconsistent presentation, poor performance, missed optimization opportunities and frustrated end-users. The reality is that JavaScript loads and performs differently across browsers, and traditional methods for testing and monitoring cannot find and diagnose browser-specific, client-side performance problems. Today’s web developer needs to be able to monitor performance as it occurs in real time on all major browser types and spot opportunities for browser-specific optimization along the way.

This session enables you to understand JavaScript behavior and performance across browsers, as well as consider object load order differences. After this session you’ll be able to assess and optimize the performance of an application across different browsers.

In this session you learn how to:

  • Improve content rendering across multiple browsers and operating systems;
  • Understand and improve object load order, browser by browser;
  • Ensure that third-party content doesn’t degrade client-side performance;
  • Realistically preview performance under load in each browser.

Related Sessions:

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